• AirSync Partners with Aviation Tax Consultants
    Up-to-date AirSync data can now be automatically shared with Aviation Tax Consultants, streamlining the tax documentation process required to depreciate your aircraft and deduct operating expenses.
  • AirSync Inc. Builds on Success and Announces Certification of AirSync429 For Pro Line™ Aircraft
    AIRSYNC HEADQUARTERS, GERMANTOWN, MD. Drawing on past achievements and expertise, AirSync Inc. continues to expand its service for general aviation users. In 2021, AirSync responded to the demand for further enhancement of the product line and offload of capture data and developed the AirSync429. The AirSync429 enables Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Flight Data […]
  • Daher Adds Support for AirSync
    Daher and AirSync have teamed up to bring Me & My TBM capabilities to non-FASTBOX equipped TBM aircraft.
  • AirSync Adds Support for Collins Proline 21 and Fusion
    As part of our new AirSync 429 product line, AirSync has added support for Collins Proline 21 and Fusion Flight Decks, further expanding support for Business Aviation Jets and Turbo Props. The AirSync 429 is available for purchase today. Please, contact sales at sales@air-sync.com to find out more added AirSync to your Collins or Garmin […]
  • Avidyne FMSs work with AirSync to Provide Flight Data Analysis
    The Avidyne IFD, ATLAS and HELIOS flight management systems are equipped with attitude reference sensors, GPS, and the ability to record avionics data via the aircraft databus. Because Avidyne avionics include integrated WiFi and Bluetooth®, flightdata is easily transferred to the AirSync service for post processing and analysis through the AirSync Bridge, a small remote […]
  • Support Added for CAMP Trend Analysis
    AirSync now supports CAMP Trend Analysis and can automatically upload your flight data to CAMP after your flight. To find out more, contact us at sales@air-sync.com