Flight Legs

A summary of each and every flight flow is automatically generated post flight. Legs can be marked up to record notes, crew and customer information. Detailed flight history can be exported as a csv file to share with accounting or tax personnel.


Individual flight legs can be group into trips to simplify billing and other recordation. With geofencing configured, trips can be automatically created when the aircraft returns home.


View graphs of critical flight data immediately after the aircraft lands with no need to manually pull aircraft data cards.

Personal Pilot Logbook

Each AirSync user can configure their account to integration with their electronic pilot logbook. AirSync currently supports ForeFlight Logbook, LogTen Pro, and MyFlightbook.


Geofences can be used to automatically group flight legs into trips. When an aircraft returns to its home as defined by a geofence, the previous flights are automatically grouped into a trip.

Email and Notification Settings

Each AirSync user can select their own notification email settings for each aircraft they have access to based on the level of severity.

3rd Party Integrations

Each AirSync enabled aircraft can be configure to work with a number of 3rd party services like CloudAhoy, SavvyAnalysis, Flight Schedule Pro and more to automatically upload flight data, pull pilot records and more.