AirSync Inc. Builds on Success and Announces Certification of AirSync429 For Pro Line™ Aircraft

AirSync Inc. Builds on Success and Announces Certification of AirSync429 For Pro Line™ Aircraft

AIRSYNC HEADQUARTERS, GERMANTOWN, MD. Drawing on past achievements and expertise, AirSync Inc. continues to expand its service for general aviation users. In 2021, AirSync responded to the demand for further enhancement of the product line and offload of capture data and developed the AirSync429. The AirSync429 enables Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) with real-time post-flight data over cellular. The AirSync429 interfaces directly with avionics buses and sensors over cellular. 

The AirSync429 is certified for use with Pro Line™ equipped C525, C525A, C525B, and C525C. The product is available for installation in 2021. Support for additional aircraft with Garmin and Collins Flight Decks is in development.

What is AirSync?

AirSync is a turn-key solution which provides aircraft data-capture hardware and uploads real-time post-flight data over cellular. Owners, operators, and pilots are able to obtain instant access to maintenance tracking data, engine graphs, fuel levels, fleet flight status, and more. All data collected by the AirSync Cloud Service is immediately available when the plane lands. 

Why AirSync? 

AirSync is a low-cost, turnkey solution for aircraft operators who seek to free themselves from paper logbooks, dispatch sheets, and other manual processes of flight management. With AirSync, pilots and operators no longer need to manually download files or pull data cards from the aircraft. AirSync

Inc. also provides easy, one-day on-site installation through its partnered service network. AirSync can interface to the aircraft in one of three ways:

● Avidyne IFD 540/440 via WiFi

● Garmin G1000/G3000/G3X via the AirSync SD Card

● Garmin G1000/G3000 and Collins Pro Line™ 21/Fusion via the AirSync429

AirSync Inc. provides aircraft operators with a physical hardware solution for

integrating with aircraft, worldwide cellular connectivity, an extensive Cloud Service for managing flight data, and integrating with third party business systems.

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