The AirSync Bridge is your aircraft’s gateway to internet. With its built-in cellular modem and antenna, the AirSync Bridge automatically uploads detailed flight telemetry and aircraft status to the AirSync Web Service as soon as your flight is complete.

As part of the AirSync Service, the AirSync Bridge is preconfigured to connect to our global cellular network and does not need to be configured with local cellular providers.

The AirSync Bridge is available in a 36″ and 6″ USB power cable version.

Aircraft Interface

The AirSync Bridge can interface to your aircraft in one of 3 ways.

  • Avidyne IFD 540/440 via WiFi
  • Garmin G1000/G3000/G3X via the AirSync SD Card
  • Collins Proline 21 FMS via the AirSync 429


The AirSync Bridge is designed to be installed in your aircraft as loose equipment. The AirSync Bridge can be powered from a USB power port or cigarette lighter adapter.

Compatible aircraft equipped with an Avidyne or Garmin FMS, the AirSync Bridge can be setup in the aircraft in 15 minutes. Compatible aircraft with a Collins Proline 21 FMS require a 28V accessory power port to be installed.

The AirSync Bridge can optionally be secured to the aircraft and powered through the AirSync Mount.