The AirSync SD Card is not used to update databases on your Garmin. When performing the database update procedure on your Garmin panel, you will want to remove the AirSync SD card.

Please ensure you are following the procedure for your specific Garmin panel based on the following table (contrib. B. Goldberg. AirSync Customer).

There are two lights on the AirSync bridge: Red and Green.

  • Red: Solid red indicates that the Bridge is on and being powered from the USB power source. Blinking Red indicates that the Bridge is on and being powered from it’s internal battery.
  • Green: Indicates that the Bridge is either searching for a cell network or connected to a cell network.

You can manually update your flight or block time by logging into AirSync online. Under “Show Other Common Actions” click “Update Times or Cycles” and follow the dialog.

Our friends at CloudAhoy have put together a great tutorial on enabling AirSync to upload your flights to CloudAhoy. Check out the tutorial here. Note: In order to enable CloudAhoy uploads, your aircraft needs to be enrolled in the AirSync Professional Tier.

Yes, you can drag and drop all of your previous flights for your aircraft under the “Settings” page for your tail number. These flights will be processed and available for viewing within 24 hours of upload.

All AirSync hardware comes with a 1 year limited warranty covering workmanship and manufacturing defects.

We are continually adding support for new aircraft to AirSync.If we don’t current have support advertised for your aircraft, please contact us at to let us know what platform you are flying.

We recommend cigarette lighter adapters that supply at least 2A per power port. We have verified, the following two adapters available on Amazon both work great.

AirSync works in most of North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Service is also available in some portions of Africa.

No, AirSync is designed to be owner “installed” in an aircraft. This is possible because AirSync is designed as an non-permanent installation. The installation is as simple as plugging the AirSync SD Card into the MDF and the AirSync Bridge into a USB power outlet a or a 12V outlet with a cigarette lighter adapter.

Yes, AirSync can be used along side the FlightStream 510. AirSync is installed in the top slot of MDF and the FlightStream 510 is installed in the bottom slot of the MDF.

As part of your AirSync subscription, AirSync comes included with the cellular data plan. You do NOT need to purchase a separate cellular data plan for AirSync to work.

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