1. Go to: air-sync.com/store/
  2. Under Essentials, select AirSync Kit – Gen 2 with 1 year Professional Tier Service
  3. Under Configuration:
    1. Select cable length needed to connect the Bridge unit to a USB power source
    2. For G1000 / G1000 NXi / G3000 / G3000 NXi or G500TXi panels, select SD Card Interface
    3. For Avidyne IFD 440/540/550 panels, select WiFi Interface
  4. Add Optional FlySto Bundle (if interested):
    1. AirSync has partnered with FlySto to offer a subscription bundle for automated flight analysis (flysto.net/home)
    2. Other users might also be interested in CloudAhoy (purchased directly from foreflight.com)
  5. Add to Cart and complete check out
  6. You will receive two emails:
    1. Receipt of purchase
    2. Activation code (needed to install and activate AirSync system)
  7. Congratulations on your purchase! No further action is needed until your AirSync kit is delivered.


  1. What’s included in the box:
    1. AirSync Bridge unit
    2. AirSync SD card
    3. Do-not-remove label
    4. Dual-Lock mounting strips
    5. Getting started instructions
  2. Setup AirSync online
    1. Go to: myairsync.com > click Login
    2. Create your Airsync user account
      • Click Create a Free Account
        1. Fill out form to set up your personal account
        2. Click Register to complete form
      • You will receive a registration email to the address provided
        1. Click on the link provided to validate email address
  3. Log in and Setup New Aircraft
    1. Click Setup New Aircraft
    2. Enter activation code (provided upon purchase)
    3. Create New Billing Account to create an organization account (name of company or LLC that owns the aircraft, etc.)
      • Click New Billing Account
        1. Enter account holder name, phone number, and email
        2. Confirm to register Billing Account
      • Click Add Credit Card
        1. Add name and address of credit card holder
        2. Add credit card information
    4. Select Aircraft Type
      • From the dropdown list, select your aircraft and avionics
    5. Enter Aircraft Information
      • Provide Tail Number, Engine Time, and Flight Time
    6. Complete AirSync Configuration
      • Enter user code for Bridge and SD card (provided on component labels)
    7. Select Default User Profile
      • Select None
    8. Available Partners
      • Check PMOPA
      • Select any other 3rd party services
    9. Confirm Aircraft Configuration


  1. Install AirSync Kit in Aircraft
    1. Insert SD Card in top slot of MFD
    2. Place Bridge in aircraft
      1. Plug USB cable into power source
      2. Mount Bridge unit using adhesive tape (or optional AirSync Mount)