Open Air

OpenAir has been working with AirSync since its inception and we have seen the service evolve to meet our needs throughout our Charter, Aircraft Management and Flight School departments spread across multiple locations.

AirSync’s ability to automatically fill out our flight logs and populate electronic log books has helped us reduced labor, eliminate human error and avoid downtime from 100hr inspections sneaking up on us.

In addition to knowing where each aircraft in our fleet is at all times, I love the ability to confirm post flight fuel loading as well as the ending hobbs and tach time.  Having this accurate information at our fingertips makes billing and ground operations tasks much smoother and more efficient for our entire staff.

The AirSync team has been quick to update the service and work with us to add additional features that we have requested. I highly recommend AirSync to any flight department or individual user. AirSync is truly a valuable member of the OpenAir team.