10 Jan 2021

The AirSync team has determined there is a manufacturing defect with a select number of AirSync Bridges, which may affect the Quality of Service of AirSync in your aircraft.

The following AirSync Bridges (referenced by USERCODE) are subject to this recall. This recall does not affect the AirSync SD Card that may have come with your AirSync Kit.

  • 64Z9A32C
  • H2U4NXA7
  • BN25HAGL
  • NYW9X3A2

Upon receiving your replacement AirSync Bridge, please complete the following steps to configure the new AirSync Bridge for your aircraft.

  1. Click Login at the top right of this screen and login to your AirSync account.
  2. Click “Show Other Common Actions” and then click “Replace AirSync System”
  3. Select your aircraft by tail number and complete the configuration guide.

Once you have configured your replacement AirSync Bridge for your aircraft in AirSync. Please return the defective Bridge with the return label you received via email.

Thank you

The AirSync Team